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Stone ground, gourmet, unfiltered, cold pressed, extra virgin, organic, raw Greek olive oil

Organic Greek olive oil

Unfiltered, living, raw Greek olive oil

Flavored oils & dipping oils

California olive oil

Balsamic Vinegar, fig vinegar & salad dressing

Kalamata olives & green Greek olives

Greek oregano, Greek honey, Greek food, organic olive paste

Ali-Oli and Garlapeno garlic spread

Greek olive oil soap

Hand made all natural soap

Shampoo,lotion,scrubs,body oils & more


Welcome to our online store. We are happy that we are able to provide you with this authentic stone ground, gourmet, extra virgin cold pressed Greek olive oil as well as quality flavored oils, dipping oils, barrel-aged balsamic vinegar, golden balsamic vinegar, fig-sweetened vinegar, premium quality salad dressing, unfiltered California olive oil, Kalamata olives, green Greek olives, Greek honey, Greek oregano, organic olive paste, garlic spread and olive oil soap. All our products are guaranteed to be of exceptional quality.

We sell our stone ground cold pressed gourmet and organic olive oil retail by the bottle, by the can and for better value by the case. Our goal is to become your main source for premium quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. To accomplish that, we provide you with exceptional service and with the highest quality of gourmet stone ground cold pressed extra virgin olive oil available in the market at competitive prices.

The "Eliki" extra virgin olive oil is raw (not heated) because it is produced at room temperature. Many refer to this type of olive oil as living olive oil. This is due to the fact that all the nutrients present in the olive oil are living and therefore intact. It comes from the Greek province of Aegialia and is named after "Eliki", the ancient city of Achaia Confederacy, which flourished in the 4th and 5th century B.C. The area has a long tradition in the production of premium quality gourmet cold pressed extra virgin and organic olive oil with low acidity and excellent organoleptic properties. The olive groves are usually small in size and are transferred through the generations from father to son. These olive trees are cultivated in a way that is natural and without pesticides. The special climatic conditions of the area such as the sea, the mountains, the sun and the sky that come together in harmony, make this stone ground olive oil quite unique. The "Eliki" extra virgin olive oil with its light aroma of fresh raw olives and its smooth full bodied taste gives special flavor to salads, seafood, stakes, pastry and makes every dish taste better.

Our "Therapni" cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil comes from Sparta, Greece. This olive oil carries both a Greek and a USDA organic certification and is a truly amazing product. It is as raw and as living as it gets, because the oil temperature has been kept low during processing to insure superior quality. Its color is dark green and its flavor is rich and a little stronger than that of our "Eliki" olive oil.

Our cold pressed unfiltered California olive oil comes from northern and central California and has its own special flavors. This is also a completely raw and living olive oil. It has not been heated during processing and therefore retains its full nutritional value. Unfiltered California olive oil is available in three varieties, Albequina, Manzanilo and Mission. The Albequina is the lightest and the Mission is the strongest of the three varieties with the Manzanilo sitting somewhere in between. We purchase the California olive oil directly from farmers that own both the olive groves and have their own olive mill on the ranch. This allows them to process the olives right away and at low temperatures, which results in raw living and unfiltered olive oils with very low acidity and superior quality, taste and aroma. As a result, we stand 100% all of our California olive oil and we guarantee them to be absolutely wonderful oils in terms of both taste and aroma. As a result, they carry the same 100% satisfaction money back guarantee as our Greek olive oil.

As you probably know, all olive oils are not created equal. The composition of olive oil, which as all vegetable oils is made up of triglycerides and minor components, greatly depends, among other things, on climatic conditions, soil quality and fruit variety. We want to assure you that all of our products are of the highest quality available. All of our Greek olive oil is in compliance with all Greek and European laws that govern the production, harvesting, processing and labeling of extra virgin olive oil and meets or exceeds all standards set by Greece, the European Union and the U.S. with respect to olive oil. It is stone ground and cold pressed and contains 100% natural olive juice with no additives or mixtures of lower grade olive oils or less expensive oils, as is often the case with cheaper olive oils available in the marketplace. The acidity of our olive oils is always guaranteed to be between 0-0.8% and in most cases it is in the range of 0.25-0.6%. Our California olive oil has acidities as low as 0.25%-0.5%.

Our Greek extra virgin cold pressed gourmet and organic olive oil is available either as standard or as completely unfiltered. Both retain their full nutritional value and are excellent products. Our cold pressed California olive oil is always unfiltered, it can be cloudy although this is not always the case, and you may notice a little sentiment at the bottom of the bottle, which is quite normal for premium quality unfiltered cold pressed extra virgin raw olive oil.

In addition to our high quality stone ground raw gourmet and organic extra virgin cold pressed and unfiltered Greek olive oil and our unfiltered living California olive oil, we also have available for your satisfaction a number of amazing flavored oils, dipping oils and various types of barrel-aged balsamic vinegar. The flavored oils and dipping oils include, garlic and basil, sun dried tomato with garlic, chili pepper, basil, white truffle, our amazing Kalamata and herb dipping oils, lemon pepper, orange tarragon, rosemary and much more. Our three types of barrel-aged baslamic vinegar consist of our standard premium quality barrel-aged balsamic vinegar, our amazing and rare golden balsamic vinegar and our fruity fig-sweetened vinegar as well as vinegar/oil blends for salad dressing and dipping.

Our flavored oils and dipping oils are unique because they are made with top quality cold pressed extra virgin Greek olive oil and with the best ingredients (garlic, domestic basil, chili peppers and other herbs and spices) available in the market. Our flavored oils and dipping oils, like our extra virgin olive oil are raw, because we flavor the oils by using a proprietary cold-infusion process. Most flavored oils and dipping oils available in the market are made by infusing the olive oil at high temperature for extended periods of time in order to gain the flavor from the herbs and spices. This however damages the oil because it kills the essential nutrients for which olive oil is known. These are in large the same nutrients that allow premium quality olive oil to taste so good and to be good for our health in so many ways. We avoid damage of the oil by infusing the oil at room temperature. Please visit the flavored oil and dipping oil section of our website for more information on these incredible cold pressed flavored Greek olive oils.

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