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"Eliki" & "Therapni" Olive Oil Specifications


Product: OLIVE OIL


Specification Number: EVOIL1

Date of Issue of this Specification: 4/15/2001


Product Name: OLIVE OIL

Product Type: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Production Area: Aeghialia region, Peloponissos, Greece

Product Packaging: Steel containers 3, 5 liters. Glass 1, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 liter. Other packaging types upon request.

Coding: Packer's Numerical Code indicates packing lot (batch), expiration date, and production date.

Additives Used: None


The olive oil of the region of Aeghialia is considered among the top quality olive oils in Greece. It has a pleasant fruity aroma. The quality is due to a number of factors, including, suitable soil, plenty of sunshine, plenty of fresh air and appropriate direction of area (northern). It has been cultivated since ancient times in the old lost town of Eliki and nowdays it is cultivated in all the north coast of Peloponissos. No pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals are being used and the cultivation is being done in small family enterprices. The oil is produced from the "koutsourelia or Lianoelia" olives. The olives are collected tradionally. The oil is produced by cold pressing. The temperature is kept throughout the production process below 35 Degrees Celcius. The oil press factories are inspected by the Union's personnel. The oil factory receives the oil and keeps it in high hygiene stainless steel tanks. The product is stored according to its quality characteristics in different tanks. The production line at the factory includes pumping, light filtration, storage in tanks, packaging, boxing and palletizing. The HACCP system has been applied recently in the oil factory. An extensive quality control takes place in raw product, intermediate stages and final product. The quality characteristics meet and in most cases exceed by far the official E.U. quality standards for extra virgin olive oil set by European Union legislation (E.U. 2568/91).


Flavor: Good, pleasant, fruity, typical of olive oil

Taste: Smooth, sweet, fruity, typical of olive oil

Appearance: Good

Color: Green to yellow

Flowability: Free Flowing

Panel Test: >6.5


Energy (per 100g): 910 kCal (3800 kJ)

Energy (per 100 ml): 828 kCal (3460 kJ)


Viscosity: 84 mPa.s (84 cP) at 20 Degrees Celcius

Specific Heat: 2.0 kJ/(Kg.Degree Celcius)


Acidity: <0.6%

K232: <2.30

K270: <0.18

DK: <0.01

Peroxide Value (meqO2/Kg): <16.0

Concentration in Fatty Acids (%W/W) is shown below:

Oleic (9-Octadecanoic) Acid: 76-79%

Palmitic (Hexadecanoic) Acid: 9-11%

Stearic (Octadecanoic) Acid: 3%

Linolenic (9, 12 Octadecadienoic) Acid: 7-10%

Myristic (Tetradecanoic) Acid: <0.03%

Linolenic (9, 12, 15 Octadecatrienoic) Acid: <0.8%

Arachidic (Ecosanoic) Acid: <0.5%

Ecosenoic Acid: <0.4%

Erucic Acid: <0.05%

Bechenic Acid: <0.15%

C18:1 trans: <0.05%

C18:2+C18:3 trans: <0.05%

Halogen Volatile Solvents (ppb):

Freon: <5 ppb

C2H3Cl3: <5 ppb

C2H2Cl4: <5 ppb

Others: <5 ppb

Total: <10 ppb

Stigma steadienes: <100 ppb

Saturated (Aliphatic) Alcohols: <120 ppm

Sterols (Total): >1000 ppm

Cholesterol: <0.3%

Cambisterol: <4%

Pesticides: Below Determination Limits (<1 ppb)

The present Specification has been issued by the Production Department and Verified by the Quality Assurance Department.

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