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Extra Virgin Gourmet Olive Oil, 250 ml Bottle

This is our regular 100% extra virgin, cold-pressed and stone-ground olive oil. It is very smooth, it has very low acidity (0.3%-0.5%) and great flavor. Although this olive oil is not certified organic, it practically does not contain any pesticides. Measurements of the pesticide content of this olive oil indicate concentrations less than one part per billion (see "Eliki Olive Oil Specifications"), which is below determination limits. This means that the oil practically does not contain pesticides. This is due to the fact that farmers in the area of Achaia (Coast of Northern Peloponnese), where this oil comes from, basically do not use pesticides.

This olive oil, although still relatively mild, it is stronger in flavor than our organic olive oil which is fruitier and milder. If you like stronger flavor in your olive oil, you will love this product. This product is ideal for cooking as well as for salads, for dipping and for fish.

This 250-ml square glass bottle of Eliki Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sold retail either by the bottle for $9.99 or by the case of 24 bottles for $227.77 (5% discount). It is ideal for home use if you consume only small quantities of olive oil or if you want to simply try our quality olive oil before ordering a larger quantity. It is also great for gift baskets.

Our "Eliki" olive oil carries a money back guarantee that it will not go rancid or get altered in any way for one year from the date of purchase. You do not need to refrigerate our olive oil. Just keep it in a cool and dark place (i.e. your kitchen cabinets).

To order a single 250-ml bottle of Eliki Extra Virgin Olive Oil for $9.99 please click on the "Add to Cart" button below.

Extra Virgin Gourmet Olive Oil, 250 ml Bottle Item # 100$9.99

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