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Why "Eliki" Olive Oil

The answer is simple. Because Eliki has a history of olive oil production as long as the age of this 4th century B.C. bronze coin that comes from the ancient city of Eliki.

The average consumer would think that an olive oil is an olive oil and that's about what there is to it. This is not the case at all. Olive oil is as versatile as wine and definitely more complex and difficult to appreciate. There is a wide range of colors, aromas and flavors, which are characteristic to a good quality olive oil; olive fruitiness and balance of flavors is a prerequisite for extra virgin olive oil. Each variety of olive has its own distinct characteristics.

Greek olive oil has its own special flavors ensuing from the particular varieties cultivated in Greece only and from the microclimate and special environment in which these olives produce their fruit.

The composition of olive oil therefore depends among other things on climatic conditions, soil quality and fruit variety. Every olive oil therefore has its own character depending where it is produced.

The Eliki Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from an area of Greece that has a climate that is very conducive to the production of olive oil. The special climatic conditions of the area such as the sea, the mountains that are at a close proximity to the sea, the sun, the clear blue sky, the hot summer and mild winter and the soil that is rich in the constituents most valued by the olive tree all contribute to the production of a very high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Eliki olive oil does not contain pesticides because spraying has been banned for many years. In addition, the very special quality in Eliki Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ensured by other additional factors such as the picking method of the fruit, the crashing and processing of the olives as well as the storage and bottling of the oil to name the most important ones. Greek olive oil is the best in the world and "Eliki" Extra Virgin Olive Oil is at the top of Greek olive oils.

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